Necessity if the Mother of Invention

In 2008, our founder Janelle Fitzpatrick needed a way to keep her dogs and baby off her curved banisters and extra-wide stairs. The options on the market were neither attractive, nor 100 percent safe given the jerry-rigging required to attach the gate between banisters. As is the case with many products on the market today, necessity was the mother of invention. Janelle designed a solution that could be safely secured to her banisters and looked good when she walked through the door. After years of friends and family telling her she should start a business selling the fabric stair gates she'd invented, she took the leap of faith and launched  The Stair Barrier in 2015.

Committed to American Made

When Janelle set out to manufacturer her stair gates she was told repeatedly that she would need to produce overseas. Having grown up in Michigan in a proud "Ford" family, she had no interest in building a business like this. Her family instilled in her a deep understanding of what American-Made means for American families. She knew she wanted to produce her baby and pet gates in the United States using materials sourced from American Manufacturers. After months of hard work and persistence, she found a way to do just that.

Committed to Safety

Although creating an attractive stair gate was important, Janelle's first priority was to create a safe solution. Stair Barriers are rigorously safety tested to ensure that they meet the voluntary requirements of ASTM F1004, Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Expansion Gates and Expandable Enclosures.  Janelle is also actively working on a Joint Task Force that include gate manufacturers, the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association and the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) to ensure we are producing and selling the safest possible products to American families.

Committed to Customers

We are proudly family owned and operated and focused on providing the best possible experience for our customers. The Stair Barrier team is happy to answer questions via phone (678-659-9901), email (support@thestairbarrier.com) and our website.