Product Information

Q: Do I need to purchase additional installation kits for the Wall to Banister gate?

A: No. The installation kit is included with the gate and includes the following: 8 screws, 8 anchors, 2 spacers (spacers are used if you have molding on the bottom of the wall side), 2 brackets and a rod.)

Q: Are Stair Barriers retractable?

A: Stair Barriers roll neatly to one side and remain up-right when rolled tightly. Stair Barriers do not retract like window shades.

Q: How do I access the stairs when a Stair Barrier is installed?tair
A: Three dual-sided release buckles on one side need to be undone and then the product rolled to the side. Most of our customers have told us that it takes them less than 5 seconds with practice, but it varies. We understand that this isn’t easy with a baby in your arms, but to be able to provide a solution for all of the variations in stair designs and, most importantly, to meet all safety standards, this design is necessary. With the design of our stair gates, we’ve made every effort to provide parents a stair gate that’s safe, simple to use, and works where many gates do not. Trust us when we say...we truly wish we could be all things. We have and will continue to innovate to make the lives of busy parents easier, but safety will always be our #1 priority.

Q: Are the Stair Barrier’s straps long enough to fit thick banisters or columns?
A: The straps on the banister side of a Stair Barrier are 28” long, safely wrapping around 27” circumferences. Extension straps to accommodate thicker banisters and columns can be purchased in sets of 3 on our website.

Q: Can a child or pet lift up a Stair Barrier or pull it down?

A: No, not if installed properly. Stair Barriers are reinforced internally with rigid plastic vertical struts and heavy-duty horizontal webbing that keep our gates from being pulled down or lifted up. The lack of horizontal bars on our gates make it more difficult to climb and helps prevents common injuries caused when children attempt to climb gates.

Q: What is an appropriate age for the use of a Stair Barrier?
A: All infants develop differently. However, ALL gates on the market are designed for ages 6 to 24 months of age.

Q: Can Stair Barriers be converted from Wall to Banister to Banister to Banister?
A: No, Stair Barriers do not convert between configurations.

Q: Are Stair Barriers easy to travel with?
A: Yes, our Banister to Banister Stair Barriers weigh less than 6lbs and roll neatly for easy travel. We also offer a travel bag for purchase.

Q: Are Stair Barriers machine-washable?
A: DO NOT MACHINE WASH. Stair Barriers are made of Class 1 Upholstery grade fabric. Cleaning code is “S.” To clean, use a soft brush to loosen dirt and then vacuum TSB with an upholstery attachment. For tougher stains, use a mild, water-free solvent or dry cleaning product.

Installation Information

Q: Can a Wall to Banister Stair Barrier be installed on an angle?
A: Yes, our stair gates do not require two flat surfaces for installation and can easily be installed on an angle.

Q: What tools are required to install a Stair Barrier?
A: Banister to Banister Stair Barriers do not require tools or drilling for installation. Wall to Banister Stair Barriers require minimal drilling on the wall side and the following tools: hammer, electric drill, stud finder and a level.

Q: What if the width of my opening is between sizes? 

A: The key to the best fit is to be able to pull your Stair Barrier as tightly across your staircase opening as possible. A small gap (less than 1") on the sides between TSB and the attachment to the banister or spindles may offer the tightest fit. 

Q: Do you have to attach buckles to a staircase’s main banister?
A: No, with the Stair Barrier you can use the banisters, spindles, multiple spindles and combination of both to install the product. The key is to try multiple options and find the tightest fit that works for your stairs.

PLEASE NOTE: With the many variations in stairs and banisters, there is
no one process for installation that applies to all homes. With the Stair Barrier you can use the banisters, spindles, multiple spindles and combination of both to install the product. The key is to try multiple options and find the tightest fit that works for your stairs. If you have tried multiple options and cannot get a tight fit, please return the gate.

Q: How do I order additional spacers to accommodate my molding?
A: Additional spacers can be ordered HERE. If you are using more than two spacers behind a single bracket, longer screws may be needed to securely attach to wall.

Installing Your Stair Barrier


For proper installation, position your Stair Barrier as far to the rear of the first tread as possible. When properly installed, the bottom edge should be flush with the stair tread and there should be little (a maximum of 1") or no gaps between the fabric and the attachment to the banister or spindle. 


With the many variations in stairs, there is not one process for installation that applies to all homes. With the Stair Barrier you can use the banisters, spindles, multiple spindles and combination of both to install the product. The key to getting the tightest possible fit to try multiple options and find what works for your stairs. If you need any help during the installation process, please don’t hesitate to call (678-659-9901) or email us (support@thestairbarrier.com) - we are happy to help you get the tightest possible fit.

Stair Gates Shipping Information

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: No, not at this time. We recommend sending your Stair Barrier to a friend or family member in the States who is willing to forward it. Our stair gates ship in boxes 34” x 6” x 6” and weigh approximately 6lbs.

Q: What is your Shipping Policy and where do Stair Barriers ship from?

A: Stair Barriers ship via UPS or USPS Ground from Alpharetta, Georgia. Orders of $50 or more ship free of charge. Expedited shipping options and estimated costs are available at check out. An email with tracking information is sent when the stair gate ships.


If our stair gates do not work in your home, you may return it within 30 days of purchase. We will issue a pre-paid shipping label for the return of the stair gate within 30 days of receipt if it is in original condition, with all tags and included components. Refunds for all transactions will be issued to the original form of payment.

Refund Policy

Final sale and custom made Stair Barriers are not eligible for return. Stair gates purchased from other retailers or websites must be returned according to the specific retailer’s policies and procedures. Once your shipment is received you will receive an email notification and you should see a credit posted to your account within 5-7 business days.