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Customizable for Your Unique Staircase

Flexibility is one of the aspects that customers love about The Stair Barrier. We understand the variations in staircase designs and that many do not have two flat surfaces to attach a gate to. Stair Barriers have the flexibility to be installed on an angle and to work with staircases big and small. Designed specifically for staircases with banisters, Stair Barriers are 32" tall and wall-to-banister gates include installation kits.


With the layouts of new homes, more and more customers are requesting safety gates in custom sizes. Today's newer homes are often built with dramatic entryways that include winding staircases, wrought iron banisters, and large landings. Although these staircases add a dramatic touch to a home's entry way, these types of stairs can be difficult to secure. Luckily, The Stair Barrier is customizable for your unique space.


The Stair Barrier can accommodate staircases as small as 36" and as wide as 100"! Our custom wall-to-banister and banister-to-banister gates includes your choice of nine fabric options. Our gentle grey hues are perfect for any home and any decor, though many of our customers love the pop! they get with our Beige Geo or Chevron prints.


After placing your order for The Stair Barrier, one of our customer representatives will be in touch. We want to verify all information because The Stair Barrier has an important job to do! It's crucial that are gate fits as snugly as possible and keeps your stairs secure. Be ready to send over pictures of your staircase from all angles: straight on, left side, right side, and close-ups of where the gate will attach.


Whether your banisters are curved, round, in columns, or any other shape, The Stair Barrier will fit beautifully and offer you protection and peace of mind.