Customizable for Your Unique Staircase

With the layouts of new homes, more and more customers are requesting safety gates in custom sizes. Today's newer homes are often built with dramatic entryways that include winding staircases, wrought iron banisters, and large landings. Although these staircases add a dramatic touch to a home's entry way, these types of stairs can be difficult to secure. Luckily, The Stair Barrier is customizable for your unique space without detracting from the decor of your home.  

Flexibility is one of the aspects that customers love about The Stair Barrier. We understand the variations in staircase designs and that many do not have two flat surfaces to attach a gate to. Stair Barriers have the flexibility to be installed on an angle and to work with staircases big and small, accommodating staircases up to 100+ inches wide. 


Custom gates are often needed for:

  • Staircases narrower than 36"
  • Staircases wider than 52"
  • Spiral Staircases
  • Spindles that are horizontal and not vertical making adjustability more difficult 
  • Have a high lift/riser and/or your banister is built into the wood making it difficult to buckle and need to relocate the bottom buckle

If you would like to send a photo before ordering you can email us at or click this LINK. 

Our made-to-order stair gates are built to the exact width and configuration of your staircase. Please choose your configuration, fabric and estimated size. Please note, gates wider than 52" are only available in solid fabrics. Once we receive your order, a representative from our Custom Order Department will reach out within 24-36 business hours (Monday if order is placed over the weekend) to confirm details. Please have pictures of your stairs from various angles—straight on, left side, right side, and close ups of where the gate will attach so we can troubleshoot any installation issues. We work closely with you to create the best possible solution for your stairs!  All gates are made in the USA.

Whether your banisters are curved, round, in columns, or any other shape, The Stair Barrier will fit beautifully and offer you protection and peace of mind.  

Welcome guest in Style!