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Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

Written by Chris Smith


Posted on May 19 2016

When you are packing up the car for a trip with kids, your list of what to pack will certainly differ from your any list you made in your life before you had kids! Here are a few tips about what to bring along now that you are wrangling a toddler.

Bring The Stair Barrier to Help You Relax!

  • If you are staying in someone's home, ask them if they have a stairwell.
  • If they have a staircase with two banisters, be sure to take along the baby gate designed for the bottom of stairs with banisters.
  • When you take a baby gate along, you can relax with your friends or family instead of having to jump up every five seconds to keep your toddler off the stairs.

Protect Your Baby’s Skin

  • If you are taking your young family to a sunny destination this summer you’ll need to pack some things to protect your toddler’s delicate skin.
  • Be sure to pack sunscreen, a big floppy hat, and some sunglasses.

    Traveling with a toddler is never the easiest thing in the world, but a few tricks, like the Stair Barrier can make it easier.





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