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Rolls Neatly to the Side

Here at The Stair Barrier, we understand the lives of busy parents. We agree that you shouldn't have to fight your baby gate every time you need to go up and down the stairs. This is why we took into consideration how The Stair Barrier would open and close. The solution: sturdy, beautiful fabric that rolls neatly to the side.


Traditional metal and plastic gates can have clunky open-and-close mechanisms. You've probably wrestled with a few in your lifetime and still have nightmares about it. Attempting to open and close a safety gate with a toddler or basket of laundry in your arms is an accident waiting to happen. But, as us parents know, this is real life.


The Stair Barrier offers an innovative solution that actually works. When you need to go up or down the stairs, simply unbuckle one side of The Stair Barrier. When the fabric gate is not in use, roll it to the side, keeping it out of the way for guests and older children. Thanks to the soft, earthy tones of the fabric, the gate will blend right in with your stairs!


Some customers have asked how easy The Stair Barrier is to buckle and unbuckle, especially when their hands are full. After using it in our own home and hearing from our customers, we can confidently say it's as easy as it gets when your home is baby-proofed. Just like the locks on your cabinets, you're sure to master a one-handed open and close of the Stair Barrier in no time. The dual-release buckles are completely intuitive, you've more than likely used buckles like them before. There's nothing to push up or down, swing forward, etc. and there is no adjusting to get our gates back in place. Unbuckle and roll to the side to open; roll back and buckle to close – it's that simple.


Order your Stair Barrier today and enjoy carefree trips up and down the stairs!