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A Baby Gate That Adds Beauty to Your Home

Written by Chris Smith


Posted on June 02 2016

Banisters can really make the entrance to your home because they set off your gorgeous stairs. Don’t ruin the look of your home's interior with an ugly baby gate. Of course you have to keep your baby safe, but there is a great alternative now. The Stair Barrier offers baby gates specifically designed for the bottom of the stairs. We have wall to banister and banister to banister baby gates and offer several fabric options and travel accessories. One popular style is the Mocha Gate.

  • All the gates are 32” inches high and come in two widths.
  • All our gates are retractable so one side stays put while the other side rolls to the side to give you quick and easy access to the stairs.
  • You simply unclip the buckles on one side and with a few snaps of the wrist, it rolls to the side.
  • Banister to banister installation is very easy. There are three buckles on each side so you just buckle one side and then the other.
  • There are no screws and no damage to the wall to deal with with the banister to banister baby gate.
  • These gates are designed for the bottom of the stairs and will keep your baby off the stairs and safe.
  • They are also great for keeping dogs off the stairs.
  • Because they are so easy to use they make for great portable gates.

When you are looking for a great looking baby gate to add beauty to your home, shop The Stair Barrier.




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