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Road Tripping with a Toddler

Written by Chris Smith


Posted on June 09 2016

If you have a toddler you have likely already learned one of the great lessons of parenthood: there are things you can control, and things you can’t. If you are planning a road trip, no matter the length you will get a review of this life lesson. This week we have some tips for you for traveling by car with a toddler.

Know Your Toddler

  • Toddlers either like to travel in the car, or they don’t.

  • There is no reasoning with them.

  • If your toddler loves car rides, count yourself lucky and enjoy it while you can, since you never know if they’ll suddenly become intolerant of it.

  • If your toddler hates car rides, plan on stopping frequently and try to choose places that are stimulating and / or will wear them out physically.

Offer a Reward

  • If you can, reward (or bribe- whatever it takes) your child with his or her favorite toy.

  • It’s a good idea to hit some second-hand stores the weeks before the trip and stock up on a few of his or her favorites.

Reward Yourself, Too!

  • Give yourself a break when you reach your destination.

  • Ask your host to find a babysitter so you can enjoy yourself and recharge.

  • Take The Stair barrier banister to banister baby gate with you so you can relax in a home with stairs with stairs without having to worry about your energizer bunny of a toddler climbing the stairs.




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