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A New Solution to an Old Problem

Written by Janelle Fitzpatrick


Posted on October 22 2014

The Stair Barrier is an entirely new brand (recently patented and trademarked) of product that offers solutions where currently there is no clear solution or product choice. Our goal is to provide products people need and want. The Stair Barrier BB (banister to banister) is our first product to launch.  It is our goal to launch The Stair Barrier Banister to Wall within the next 2 months, followed by outdoor gate options for the deck, and additional fabric and personalization options.

With the unlimited variations of banisters and stairs, finding a gate that works is a difficult process for many. Almost everyone I speak to on the topic of baby gates say how much they hate them and can’t wait to remove them. Then I hear stories of how difficult they are to use and installing them required some creative thought, a trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s, cutting this pieces of wood, utilizing plastic strips, modifying it this way or that. Not to mention, this was usually after purchasing additional extension kits, no drill kits AND a gate. Other folks have told me that they used pressure-mounted gates and slide them through their spindles (sometimes tying them) to keep the kids or pets from going up the stairs. Admittedly, once the kids got a little older, it wasn’t a very safe option. Other folks would just move furniture to block the stairs or slide a piece of wood through the spindles. Do-It-Yourself baby gate ideas are everywhere. Mommy Blogs are wrought with the question—what is the best gate for my stairs? 

From 1990 to 2010 there were 37,673 children treated for baby-gate related injuries: approximately 5 children a day. A recent Healthline.com article published on May 5, 2014 stated, “baby gate-related injuries send nearly 2,000 children to emergency rooms each rear”. At the end of the article the author stated the need for advances in gate design: 

“Our study results highlight the need for further advances in gate design to limit children’s ability to climb gates, to prevent gates from collapsing, and to better cushion children when they fall on gates.” –Healthline.com  

We believe we have the solution! The solution to keep children and pets safe and off the stairs.  No more getting creative, jerry-rigging or compromising on safety.  While we are not the solution for every situation—we are working on it and that is our goal!

The Stair Barrier is like no other gate.  Children cannot climb on it.  They can’t leverage their weight on it.  Like any gate, a kid can pull on it, but with The Stair Barrier instead of pulling nails out and a hard gate falling on top of a child, there is a mild give without damage or coming undone.  The combination of the adjustable straps running the length and the vertical struts, offer a customized fit with extreme rigor.  Kids can’t lift and crawl under it. It is truly far safer than any gate installed at the bottom of the stairs. 

The Stair Barrier Difference

  • First gate on the market designed specifically for bottom of the stairs
  • First gate on the market designed specifically for banister to banister
  • Works with volute (curved) banisters, extra wide column banisters, banisters with unique and uneven molding
  • Attractive: adds, not detracts from the décor of your home and welcomes guests in style!
  • No drilling into banisters
  • Ability to easily roll to the side when not in use
  • Easy installation and easy to use
  • Not permanent, easy to store and move to another location
  • Easy to travel with, comes with a travel bag
  • CUSTOMIZE IT TO MATCH YOUR STYLE AND YOUR HOME! Available in various fabrics and allows for product customization

As we launch this coming Monday, we hope to be THE solution for all those parents looking to keep their 2-legged and 4-legged children safe from the dangers of stairs.  We are excited to be able to bring you this product; that I myself have used for the last 8 years.  From all of us at The Stair Barrier—we wish everyone, happiness, health, love and prosperity in 2015!




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