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2022 Interior Design Trends

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on January 28 2022

New design trend statistics for 2022 are in, and we’re excited to see how our fabric baby gates align with many of them, proving what we’ve been saying from day one when our founder invented the very first Stair Barrier: you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety to create a beautiful home that's safe for your human and fur babies. 

Apartment Therapy surveyed a variety of interior designers across the U.S. to get the landscape for 2022’s projected design trends. Below are some of the biggest takeaways and how our baby and pet gates can fit into the picture. 

Tactile Materials and Textured Fabrics

After a year of canceling travel plans and taking meetings from home, furniture trends are embracing comfort, starting with the fabric. Apartment Therapy’s survey found, “Nubby bouclé’s a favorite that’s carried over from last year, with 68 percent of respondents saying they expect to see it in homes going forward.”

In a recent interview for Jenni Kayne’s blog, Rip & Tan, Leah Cummings predicted, “we’re going to see people use more natural materials and surfaces that provide the illusion of bringing the outdoors in.”

A fabric safety gate is right in line with these musings, making it a softer choice than a metal or wood gate, without losing the stability that keeps it secure. The Stair Barrier is sewn and constructed with Class 1 upholstery grade fabrics and reinforced with internal struts. 

Our line of Burlap fabrics, inspired by the natural world in Mocha, Gray, and Khaki, track with Leah Cummings’s insight about inviting the look and feel of the outdoors into our homes. And a Stair Barrier in, say, Beyond Sheep Ash would complement this cozy nubby bouclé chair and area rug pairing, featured in Rip & Tan:

Nubby bouclé fabric  baby and pet gate for stairs

Left: photo from Rip & Tan. Right: The Stair Barrier in Beyond Sheep Ash. 

Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean Fabrics

Brooklyn-based designer Erin Roberts commented on another important aspect of the fabrics we choose. She’s originally quoted in Apartment Therapy saying, “Clients are now being educated on the benefits of luxurious fabrics that live well with the kids and pets.” 78 percent of designers agree with Erin’s observation, saying that performance fabrics that are both stain-resistant and easy to clean will be a top trending category. 

It’s a trend we certainly love to see. After all, toddlers wielding a crayon or the odd treasure they found in the yard are sure to brush up against a fabric stair gate now and then. And let’s not forget about dog parents dealing with their beloved pup’s muddy paws and slobbery jowls. 

It’s a big reason why we introduced a line of safety gates made with Crypton® Smart Performance Home Fabrics. They’re stain and spill-resistant to both water and oil-based stains and include antimicrobial technology that rejects odors and inhibits bacterial growth. In fact, it’s the only material that’s EPA-approved to be disinfected. 

baby and pet gate for staircase with banister on one side  dog gate for staircase with banisters on two sides

Left: Crypton Pebble by @thebabblingblondes on Instagram. Right: Crypton in Modern Loft Snow by @aheartcomplete on Instagram.

Local and Sustainable

Growing frustrations with recent supply chain issues have turned design-lovers’ attention toward sourcing vintage finds, and a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability is also affecting consumer choices. 

The Stair Barrier has always been proudly American-made, hand-crafted in Georgia, with every element of its construction sourced and manufactured within the USA. Crypton® Smart Performance Home Fabrics are also engineered in the U.S.

Crypton® isn’t The Stair Barrier’s only eco-friendly fabric option, though. We also have several fabric selections woven with RepreveTM fiber, which is made from recycled water bottles.

Our founder has visited Unifi’s RepreveTM processing plant in Yadkinville, North Carolina herself to see the process firsthand. Their fiber has given over 25 billion water bottles a new life, with a manufacturing process that conserves water and energy and emits fewer greenhouse gasses than virgin fiber. Fabrics made from RepreveTM contain the fiber’s water-repelling properties, making it a more durable choice.

repreve recycled fibers sustainably made baby and pet gate

Left: Our founder holding chip’s from Repreve’s recycled plastic bottles. Right: The Stair Barrier in Burlap Mocha, made from RepreveTM.

We’re looking forward to seeing how these design predictions play out in our homes. And when you’re ready to choose your baby or pet gate, we’ll be here to make sure it doesn’t interfere with creating a home you truly love, whether it’s on-trend or not. 



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