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4 Reasons You Need A Baby Safety Gate

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on October 09 2018

For most of us, being sold stuff we don’t need is a daily part of life. This can give us a healthy dose of skepticism and make us wonder, “Do I really need that?” If you are the parent of a baby and have ever wondered this about a baby safety gate, know that this is one area where you can forego this question — because, yes, you need a baby safety gate.

When it comes to baby safety, there are few items as important as a safety gate. This is especially true for those who live in two-story homes. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and virtually every other reputable safety organization, baby gates for stairs are one of the top baby-proofing items and are highly recommended. Here are some of the top reasons why you need a baby safety gate.

Children Fall Down Stairs

According to a recent study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH, nearly every 6 minutes, a child under the age of 5 in the United States is treated in the emergency room because of a stair-related injury. This number is certainly alarming, but it confirms what we already know: stairs are extremely dangerous for babies and children, and we should do all we can to prevent them from accessing stairs. Bottom-of-stairs gates can significantly reduce this threat and prevent children from being able to climb the stairs.  

Babies Are Curious

It doesn’t take much to pique the interest of a baby. From exercise equipment to the light at the top of the stairs, children follow their curiosities. This is why, for those who have a staircase in their home, it is essential to block off the stairs even before your child begins crawling. If you do not securely block off your stairs with a durable bottom of stairs gate, your child will likely try to make this dangerous ascent at some point.

Peace of Mind

While the very best safety tip is undistracted adult supervision, it’s really not possible — or maybe even healthy — to never let your eyes off your child. However, before you can do this and not have a heart attack, you have to feel confident in the safety of your home. For those who have stairs, a baby safety gate is a crucial part of creating this peace of mind. When you have a secure and safety-tested gate at the bottom of your stairs, you can rest assured that your child will not be able to follow their curiosity up the stairs.


Do you regularly visit family, travel, or go on vacation with your little one? This can naturally be a stressful time since you haven’t spent months baby-proofing the space and neutralizing every potential threat. However, with the help of a baby safety gate, you can drastically reduce the dangers of a new place. Portable safety gates allow you to quickly section off a potentially problematic area and help improve the safety of any place you may stay. If you are looking for a portable safety gate that is super easy to install, look no further than The Stair Barrier.

When we set out to make baby and dog safety gates, our goal was to make the very best bottom-of-stairs gate possible, and we are proud to report that we now provide some of the best gates on the market. Our bottom of stairs gates are structurally reinforced, safety-tested, easy-to-install, and ultra-stylish. We have gates for banister-to-banister staircases, as well as banister-to-wall staircases. Learn more about what makes our gates different and check out our full collection here.



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