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5 Things to Prepare for When Baby and Toddler Proofing

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on November 06 2021

5 Things to Prepare for When Baby and Toddler Proofing

If you’re expecting a new child, Congratulations! And get ready for every aspect of your life to change. One of the most important things to do to prepare for a little one is to baby proof your home thoroughly. When you’re creating your baby registry, don’t be afraid to add items you’ll need several months down the line. You only need so many onesies, and as soon as your baby starts moving around, you’ll have a lot of new kiddo care needs. We’ve made a quick reference guide to some of the most important home hazards to watch out for.

Non-food items

One of the primary ways babies explore the world is through their mouths, and this means taking care that they don’t try to eat things that they shouldn’t. Store all medications high up out of baby’s reach, and secure household chemicals in cabinets with childproof safety locks. Also, protect your youngster by putting away small items such as parts from older kid’s toys.

Unsafe areas

Baby gates are key to making your home safe for a little one. They can keep babies and toddlers in or out of a particular room as well as keep your baby from climbing up or falling down the stairs. Be sure to keep your gate securely fastened at all times. The Stair Barrier helps you make your child’s safety your number one priority without sacrificing your home's décor. Our baby gates are rigorously tested and meet the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Expansion Gates and Expandable Enclosures. Available in three configurations, they also come in 20+ fabrics.


Water is a huge hazard for toddlers, and on top of that, they love playing with it. Regarding the bathroom, the first line of defense is the door. Keep it tightly closed at all times. Installing a hook-and-eye lock well beyond your child's reach keeps your door secure, but what if you forget or have a guest over who doesn’t know the “rules”? Closing the toilet lid at all times is important, as well as securing it with a baby proof toilet latch.


As your baby learns to climb and explore, windows can pose a major threat to your little buttercup’s safety. Keep windows closed as much as possible and remove anything from underneath that may allow them to climb up to window height. If you do leave a window open, a child proof window guard can keep your little one safe, and if you have blinds, make sure the cords are tightly secured well out of your kiddo’s reach.


Placing socket covers in all of your electrical outlets is one of the most important baby and toddler proofing tasks, ensuring that your little one won’t put curious fingers in. Also make sure that your baby doesn’t have access to any appliances and personal home products like curling irons and toaster ovens.

Many of these tips may not be important when you have a newborn, but we promise time will fly and you're baby will be on the move before you know it. Get a jump on your baby proofing and keep your little one safe. 



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