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6 Key Design Trends for 2021

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on July 30 2021

Baby safety is our top priority, but like our friends at Project Nursery, "design and decor" is a close second for us. With so much focus on our homes these days, we wanted to share a look at the top design trends for 2021. We searched high and low, culling ideas from a variety of design experts, from Better Homes & Gardens to Architectural Digest to The Spruce. Our mission is to help you find a baby safety gate that keeps your two- and four-legged babies off the stairs and complements the style of your home, whether you lean towards Farmhouse, Granny Chic, or Japandi. Read on to learn more about the key design trends for 2021 and our picks for The Stair Barrier fabrics to complement them.

granny chic decor style

Introducing Granny Chic

Granny Chic, aka Grand Millennial, is a top design trend in 2021. Grandmothers connote comfort for many people, which is something many people want from their home right now (Goodbye, 2020). Warm, vintage elements form the basis of the style combined with contemporary lines or accents to balance it out. Key elements include overlaid florals, patterns, and wallpaper (we recommend peel-and-stick). And there won’t be any clean surfaces: read lots of curated tchotchkes. For baby proofing we’ve layered in our Safari Blush and Just For Dogs swatches for our safety gates, which work into this style perfectly. Check out Jennifer Harrup’s blog for a master class in DIY Grand Millennial to create a coziness that would make Nana proud.

maximalism decor style

Maximalism is having a big moment

With WFH here to stay, some are leaning toward color and escapism. Think of all the things you’ve missed about traveling mixed into one crazy melting pot with a bold, fresh hue on your walls. Take your cues from other cultures, such as Mexican or Morrocan, or create your own mix of opulence. Start with statement wallpaper or a bold color, then layer patterns, colors, and objects to create your own personal wonderland. It’s all about making your space an audacious expression of you! Every fabric, silhouette, and object should be thoughtfully chosen to tell a story. And if you’re baby-proofing along with this riotous mix, we’ve got great fabrics for our safety gates to mix right in: Crypton Sea Side and Shades of Linen Black. For more inspiration check out @littlehouseinlondon for a cheery take on this style.

farmhouse style decor

Glad you’re still here, Farmhouse

Farmhouse décor isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact it’s the most popular style in twenty-six of the fifty states (You go, Chip and Joanna). Whatever your take on Farmhouse (French, Modern, or Industrial) there are certain key elements to this style. Start with your color palette: airy whites form a great foundation, and you can add in touches of sage green or grays. Be sure to keep it neutral. Next, make sure to mix in lots of texture: reclaimed woods, exposed beams, burlap, and cotton. The texture will lend needed interest to your décor, especially with a close to monochrome color palette. Greenery in beautiful stoneware is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in and add a pop of color against the neutral color way. We recommend our Farmhouse Lines Gray or neutral Burlap Khaki fabrics to match your baby and pet safety gates to this style.  Be sure to add some vintage elements to your space like old signage or vintage appliances, and lean towards decorative if you want a French Country feel. Lindsey’s @countrygirlhome feed is a whole new league on how to get the Farmhouse look on a budget.

japandi decor style

Japan + Scandinavia = Japandi

Japandi blends two cultures known for their minimalist approach to interiors: Japanese and Scandanavian. Japandi has been on the upswing for a while, and right now this comforting approach to minimalism is just what the doctor ordered. The Scandanavian idea of “hygge,” or comfort means that home should be your sanctuary. There is intentional simplicity in both styles, it’s not just about being sparse. Japanese culture brings warmer tones to the cooler Scandanian color palette. To achieve this look go for a neutral color palette, but don’t mistake this for boring. Feel free to throw in some darker tones: indigo, dark greys, and even a little black, just do so with intention. Our Just Black and Crypton Pebble fabrics on our baby safety gate would easily dovetail into this style. Japandi incorporates sustainable materials like natural fibers as well as greenery. Wood furniture often has little detail and smooth surfaces. Japandi is the opposite of throw-away culture so choose quality over quantity, things that will go with your style for years to come. Check out Modsy’s blog post for a step-by-step guide to creating this zen-like trend.

(image via https://chloedominik.com/)

traditionalism in decor

Hello again, Traditionalism.

2021 is seeing a resurgence in Traditional décor as a lot of us are looking for comfort and stability in our homes. Coziness, classic, and warm, Traditionalism has its roots in 18th and 19th century European design but with more decorative carvings than ornate details. Think overstuffed couches with softer curves, a place where you want to curl up and read a good book or binge watch Nexflix. Symmetrical designs like end tables or matching lamps add to the balance and cohesion of a room. You can also nod to the past with oil paintings and antique objects; vintage rugs add another layer of comfort. Check out Spruce’s definitive guide to achieving this style in your home. To blend in with the muted color palette of traditional décor we’ve chosen our Beyond Sheep Indigo and Just Cream fabrics for our baby-safety gates. Traditionalism is not fancy, not trendsetting, but instead should create an atmosphere of contentment and enjoyment.

rustic design trend

Let’s head to the woods, Rustic 

The essential elements for Rustic Style are raw, natural materials. (Of course it always helps if you start in a setting with a great mountain view!) Think exposed or untreated wood in any part of your home: beams, flooring, walls, and even furniture. O.G. Rustic incorporates darker tone woods, but the style has evolved into using lighter tone woods as well. Live edges, whether it’s on a countertop or a coffee table, are a great way to bring the outdoors inside. You can even use a tree branch as a rack in the kitchen! Metals are other key components to achieving this look, as long as they are not shiny. Metallic surfaces can run the gamut from galvanized to rod iron to just plain rusted. With color, stick to neutral color palettes that are close to nature: cream with muted browns, greens, and reds. Textured fabrics and woven textiles are a great place to add interest. And if you’re taking your little one on a lake vacation, we’ve got great fabrics for our baby gates to match your back-to-nature décor. Here we’ve matched our Burlap Gray and Crypton Modern Loft Charcoal to fit right in with a bucolic setting. And check out Homedit's definitive post on all the details of Rustic style.

We hope we’ve been able to introduce, or reintroduce, you to a décor trend to create your own personal oasis. And remember you do not have to compromise baby safety for the sake of your style! The Stair Barrier’s three gate configurations and wide selection of fabrics ensures you can find the right safety gate for your décor.



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