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Tips to Keep Your Toddler Safe and Your Home Stylish

Written by Chris Smith


Posted on February 15 2016

You’ve worked hard to have a beautiful home, and keeping it looking it’s best with a toddler is not easy. You want to accommodate your child’s needs, provide for their safety, all while still having a stylish home. You can do it, and we can help! The Stair Barrier can be a basis for great child-friendly decorating. Our baby gates are aesthetically pleasing, can be personalized, and are specially made for stairs with banisters. We have some decorating tips for the years when you have a toddler.

Corner Safety

  • When you are buying new furniture and have a baby or toddler, be aware of the magnetic quality corners have for small heads. There can be just one sharpish corner on one piece of furniture in the whole house, and your toddler will find a way to hit it with their forehead, most likely right before a family photo session.
  • You can avoid this somewhat (but never totally, since children always seem to bash their heads) by purchasing tables with rounded corners.
  • If you have a fireplace hearth with bricks or stones jutting out, find a good thick blanket, such as a Pendleton blanket and fold it lengthwise. Place the folded blanket over the hearth to cover the sharp edges. This will create a cozy sitting spot for you and your child as well.

Check back soon for more tips on how to decorate your home stylishly, while still keeping your precious child safe. Shop The Stair Barrier has what you need to keep your child safe from the stairs, while keeping your house looking stylish.



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