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Baby Products That Have Taken a Turn for the Better

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on November 07 2018


When you look back at pictures of your own childhood, do you ever wonder why your parents chose those bright, mismatched outfits with unnecessary color blocks and frills in all the wrong places? Well, it’s important to know that you’re not alone in that. The clothes that children were dressed in were, unfortunately, not the only thing that was questionable in appearance. From the bedding that we had to the toys that we played with, so much of it was questionable.

With younger parents in the picture, we’re seeing more and more of the baby and early childhood products take a turn for the better. So many different pieces have gotten a facelift and look drastically better than they did when we were children. In today’s blog post we’re going to touch on a few of the products that have gotten drastically better over the years. Check them out!


One of the products that took all too long to get a facelift was the stroller. Not only is this a product that all parents rely on, but it’s one that can make all the difference on your experience with children. Not only have strollers gotten drastically better looking, but the overall design of strollers has improved.

These days, strollers are now taking into consideration how multiple children can fit comfortably into a stroller while still offering plenty of storage space for everything that they require. Aside from that, stroller companies have also recognized that ease and efficiency are things that mom needs when they’re on the go. There are plenty of strollers that now make it easy to shift from a jogger to your standard stroller in a matter of minutes. This is a change that all parents are happy to see!

Diaper Bags

We just touched very briefly on how stroller designs have improved to incorporate the ease and storage that all parents need, and how much we love it. Well, the good news is that this isn’t the only baby product that has taken these factors into their design. Diaper bags are another product that has shifted their design to not only look better while they’re being lugged around on the go but have also provided parents with some additional storage.

Again, this is a design change that we are welcoming with arms wide open. If you’ve ever traveled with a baby, then you know the challenge of fitting all those baby items into one compact bag. Luckily, we have it so much better than our parents did, and we are incredibly glad about that.

Baby Decor

Have you seen some of the children that are riding in strollers or attending daycare? Most of us didn’t look so good in early adulthood. The style and decor that has been designed for babies are so cute that we all wish we could find some of it in our size. Bedroom decor is one of those areas where you see the flannel sheets and wish they had them in a king size, right? Or is that just us?

Baby decor has made a shift in the way that it looks, feels and functions. From the blankets that we tuck them in at night with to the functionality and designs of cribs, parents and babies alike are lucky to enjoy the updated designs of baby decor. We will say, also, that the way that children’s rooms look nowadays is also drastically more sophisticated than we ever enjoyed as children.

If you’re planning on attending a baby shower, mixing and matching baby decor items is an easy way to shower the parents to be, and the unique designs and varying styles make it fun — even as an adult! Pairing pieces of decor with necessities like a baby gate will always be a gift that parents not only appreciate but will get use of for years to come. That’s what we call a win-win.

Baby Gates

A product that was never looked down on regardless of how hideous they were was your must-have baby gate. These gates may clash with every bit of your house, but they keep those little monsters in the same room as you and out of reach of all the items that their curious minds want to touch. The gates never struggled in regards to their design, but we have seen their overall look change drastically.

Companies like The Stair Barrier has provided parents everywhere with the same reliable design, only with a drastically better look. The baby gates that we’ve designed are easy to incorporate into all sorts of designs and fit perfectly on stairs and doorways all the same. Check out all of the adjustable baby gates that we’ve created with fun designs in mind and find the one that fits perfectly in your home.

Modern Day Parents

Though the equipment that parents have used for decades has changed in both design and appearance, the job is no easier. Modern day parents have the same challenging task of raising an adult and keeping them alive — but they definitely look so much better doing it.

The modern-day parent is fortunate to enjoy all of these products that have been improved. Whether you’re an expecting parent, a current parent, or you know someone that is one of the prior mentioned, the adjustable baby gates by The Stair Barrier is a must have product. Like we said before, browse our selection and find a design that you love. This is a product that all parents will be thankful to add to their home, and the sleek look is just the cherry on top. Shop now!



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