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Baby Registry: Tips for Getting Started

Written by Janelle Fitzpatrick


Posted on April 23 2021

You’ve got the big news and are ready to start planning for the newest member of your family. Enter: baby registering. We know it can be overwhelming to consider everything you’ll need. These simple tips will help you navigate the baby-registry world to ensure that you’re as ready as you can possibly be for baby’s first year and beyond. 

1. Don’t be afraid to start early

Channel your excitement and start your registry as early as you like. There’s no hard and fast rule for starting too soon, and nowadays, there are more deals and discounts you can take advantage of if you start sooner. Even if you haven’t gone public with your pregnancy yet, you can still build registry lists on major retailers like Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and Target without notifying the world by changing your list settings to private.

2. Plan beyond babyhood

We’ve heard it time and time again: babies grow up fast and you and your home need to be ready for it. Don’t be afraid to add items that you won’t need until several months down the road. Babyproofing items are especially important to consider here. You don’t want to be caught off guard when your little one suddenly starts moving and exploring. Start planning early for the safety items you’ll need before you know it and add The Stair Barrier to your registry now.

3. Harness the power of your social media community

When you’re overwhelmed by all the options on the market or stuck between your top two brands, don’t be afraid to tap into the opinions of friends and family on Facebook and social media. People who have been there are eager to share their advice, and you can’t beat the honesty and transparency of real parents. Sites like weeSpring make it easy to find reviews from friends. 

4. Don’t limit yourself

With today’s online registry options, you can now curate your list from as many retailers as you like. Either register with multiple retailers, or utilize the universal registry options offered by sites like MyRegistry.com and Babylist, which allow you to source from multiple retailers, from big chain stores to the local retailers you love. 

5. Remember you’re a team

Gone are the days when the excitement of baby registries were reserved for moms-to-be . Involve your hubby in the baby registry process and remember that no one knows you or your family’s needs as well as your partner. Get tips from experts by attending a virtual baby-registry as a couple or set aside a specific time in the week to sit down and research together. Use the code STAIRBARRIER10 for $10 off tickets for Jamie's Baby Registry Lab.  



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