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Bringing Home a Puppy? What to Expect and How to Prepare

Written by Janelle Fitzpatrick


Posted on June 06 2017

Dogs are lifelong friends and family members that are there through thick and thin. This special bond is why so many parents give puppies to their children as gifts. Unfortunately, many of these puppies end up going to animal shelters because the families who adopted them weren’t ready for the responsibility of caring for them. This is why it is so important for parents who are considering a new puppy to prepare for the arrival of their furry new family member before they bring him home. We put together the following list to help you get started.

Have a Plan of Action

If your children have been asking for a dog for a while, they will promise to care for it day and night without being asked. But realistically, the newness of the situation will wear off. After a few weeks, the children will not be so excited about cleaning up after them,walking them, and feeding them. So be sure that there is a plan in place for what to do when this happens. For example, some parents might want to add tasks for caring for the puppy to the chore charts that their kids already have on the wall. Each child can take turns doing the different tasks each week to ensure that they always get done.

Remember They are Children Too

Puppies grow and develop at a much faster rate than humans do. But it still takes time for them to learn about their surroundings and what is considered to be correct behavior because they are still basically children. So, it isn't fair to expect them to instantly know what to do and not do as soon as they are brought home. They are going to have accidents on the carpet sometimes, and once in awhile, they might steal your slippers. This is simply part of having a pet.

Make Sure Your House is Safe

Caring for a puppy will be easier if the furry friend is kept in just one section of the house that is blocked off with pet safety gates from The Stair Barrier until they get older. This will prevent them from getting hurt and protect the areas that you don't want to be damaged. Remove anything from this area that could be dangerous to the animal as well, such as electrical cords and sharp objects. Be sure to block off any stairs that are nearby with some stair barriers for babies too. Puppies are still very rambunctious when they are young so it may be best to separate them from your young children when not under supervision.

Gather Supplies From a Veterinarian

Each breed of dog has to be cared for in a specific way to ensure that it stays healthy and happy. So it is best to talk to your veterinarian about the best food and supplies for your puppy before stocking up at the local store. The vet will also be able to give the puppy a check-up and the vaccinations that it needs to stay healthy, as well as advice on how to train and protect the animal too.



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