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Coping With Your Crawling Baby

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on July 28 2018

The sleepless nights seemed like they’d be one of the toughest parts of parenting, but they are far from. If your little one just recently started crawling, then you are about to experience some of the craziest days of your life — believe us. As a new parent, it is so exciting to watch your child crawl for the very first time, but how do you prepare for this new milestone in their life? Check out today’s blog post for a few of the things that you can do to prepare.

Clean Your Floors Regularly

If you weren’t cleaning your floors on a regular basis before, it’s time to start doing it! Now that you’ve got a baby on the move you’re going to be exposing your little one to any and all that is carried in on your shoes. Whether that means sweeping on a daily basis or making sure that you’ve got vacuuming somewhere on your chore list, it’s best to prioritize this.

From dirt and rocks to germs and grime, our floors see a lot of nasty things. If you’ve got pets at home, then you have even more added to the mix. Though it’s not the first thing that pops into your head, your child is going to be putting their hands on the floors and then directly into their mouth. This makes it not only a hazard to their health but also becomes a risk of choking.

At the very least, make sure to check the cleanliness of your floor before you place your baby on the ground to crawl.

Baby Proof Corners & Outlets

The eyes through a crawling baby are much different than those of a walking adult, which is precisely why baby proofing is something that all parents must do. Most new parents will go pretty all out when it comes to their preparation for a child and have locks on cabinets, toilets, and the like, but there are a few other areas that parents should be aware of.

Corners are an inevitable piece of any home, but they’re rarely seen as a potential danger. Though they aren’t the most dangerous piece, if there is a specific area that you’re going to have your kids crawling around in, then safety proofing the corners is something that you should be prepared to do. There is a wide selection of tools that you can use to do this, but these standard corner cushions are a fantastic way to keep your home safe and not spend too much money to do so.

Aside from the corners of your home, you need to be cautious of the outlets that are in the space your child will be crawling in. Again, this is something that doesn’t have to be very expensive or extensive. There is the old school outlet covers that you plug right into the outlet, but there are also new styled covers that make it easy to slide the outlet open when you need it and keep it safe from your child while they crawl. Check them out here.

Check for Breakable Items

This next step of preparation is not only going to keep your child safe, but it’s also going to keep any fragile or breakable items in your home in one piece. If you have any family heirlooms, china dishes, or lamps sitting around your common rooms, then you may want to consider moving them.

These breakable items are some of the easier things for children to get ahold of and knock off of tables. Something like a lamp being pulled off of a table can be extremely dangerous because of weight and force, but when you have items that are made of glass close to the edges of tables you can almost guarantee that these items will fall and shatter — posing multiple risks.

As your child gets closer to crawling, make sure to check all of your rooms and move any items that you’re concerned about.

Anchor Furniture

We talked a little bit about those tiny items that could be a potential danger or an easy item to break, but now we are going to touch on something just a little bit burger, the furniture! Though those babies are small, their might is impressive. Anchoring furniture is a big step to take, but it’s one that can help ensure that your little one isn’t moving around pieces or getting hurt in the case that they do move. This is especially helpful in rooms where furniture is going to be made out of lighter materials — like kitchen tables, for instance.

You can find quite a few companies that offer anchor weights, but you should be sure to check for quality when it comes to this item. Here are a few of the furniture weights that we suggest based off of their reviews.

Be Mindful of Placement

Of course, as a parent you are always cautious, if not overly cautious, about where you’re placing your baby — but this is definitely something that you need to be cautious of when you’ve got a baby on the move. Whether it’s at home or you’re visiting a new location, not every place is going to be prepared for the dangers that we’ve listed above.

It’s always good to check around to ensure that the place that you’re going to be putting your baby down in a safe space on the ground and that there is no way for them to hurt themselves. A part of that is going to preparing for any and all circumstances, which we’ll talk about a little more in our next point.

Invest in a Baby Gate

Preparation is one of the many things that you have to anticipate when you become a parent, and that is not going to change when your little one starts to crawl. A great way to always ensure that you’re prepared for your child to be on the move is by having a baby gate to block off areas that you’d like to keep your child out of. Whether it’s the upstairs area, the downstairs area, or you simply just want to make sure that you have eyes on your child at all times, baby gates are a lifesaver — literally.

The Stair Barrier has a wide selection of baby gates that are not only fully functional and able to provide you with the care and safety that you need, but they’re also beautiful! Browse the many collections that we have and find a baby gate that is perfect for your home and for when you’re on the go. Find baby gates that mesh with your design taste or match the personalities of your child. We are the company that wants to provide you with a safe solution that doesn’t clash with your interior — so make sure to browse the products and find the perfect fit for your home.

The team at The Stair Barrier wishes you the best of luck with your crawling babe, and we hope that you find something that you love in our shop. Browse our products online today and place your order so that you can keep your baby from getting into anything while they crawl.



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