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Decorating Staircases — 5 Tips

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on October 02 2018

We’ve all got those spots in our home that are hard to decorate. For many, this location is the staircase. It can be an awkward space that just doesn’t offer a clear indication as to what belongs there. If you are struggling to decorate your staircase or are open to the idea of re-decorating your staircase, The Stair Barrier would like to share with you some potential ideas.

Add A Wall Gallery

This could almost go without mentioning because of how popular it is. A gallery wall is a classic way to add some style and character to your staircase walls. There are a ton of different options for how to configure your gallery, and it’s really hard to go wrong here — for example, you can showcase the family, show off your artistic style, or build an inspirational gallery. One design element to consider is using frames that are similar — all gold frames, frames with only dark colors, frames with only neutral colors, etc. As a side note, if you are decorating for the purpose of making your home more appealing to sellers, you may want to opt for more universally appealing artwork.

Decorate The Actual Stairs

Looking for a unique and fun way to transform the stairs? Consider decorating your stairs. Whether you want to tile your staircase, write out an inspiring reminder you can read as you walk up the stairs, or find some other out-of-the-box addition, decorating the actual stairs can certainly make your staircase pop.

Use Molding And Trim

If your staircase doesn’t already have wall moldings — or your current wall molding just isn’t doing the job — consider adding some trim around your staircase. When done right, this can add a nice, elegant touch to your stairwell. The best part is that this addition can add enough visual interest to your wall that you likely won’t need to add anything else. It’ll look good all by itself.

Add One Large Feature

If you are tired of your wall’s plainness, you may think that the remedy is to add lots of new features and focal points. However, sometimes the simple addition of one piece can be all that you need to transform your staircase. Depending on the space you have, experiment by adding a large mirror, baskets, plant, or piece of art. Or for a classic and timeless look, consider placing a pair of candlestick lights along the staircase wall.

Incorporate A Wall Treatment

Similar to the use of moldings, if you are unhappy with the look of your staircase, consider adding a wall treatment — shiplap, wallpaper, wood, etc. — to the wall behind your staircase. This addition can transform the room and add beautiful texture to just about any space.

Use A Stylish Gate

While no one wants to install a gate at the bottom of the stairs for stylistic reasons — though our safety gates are so sleek and beautiful that we would totally understand if you did — stylish gates can actually be a nice decorative addition to a staircase. If you need to keep children or dogs from going up the stairs, don’t settle for a boring safety gate that will be an eyesore to the rest of your meticulously designed and decorated home — choose a safety gate that enhances your interior space. At The Stair Barrier, we specialize in making stylish baby and pet gates for stairs. Our bottom of stairs gates are designed to provide unrivaled durability and safety while also improving the decor of your home. Our gates come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Learn more about our bottom of stairs gates, and check out our full gate collection here!



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