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Everything You Need For Your Holiday Party

Written by Chris Shipferling


Posted on November 28 2018

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Hanukkah to New Years, if you’re throwing a party to celebrate any or all of the holidays, you’re going to need a few things. We know it can be hard to remember everything for your party, especially around this time of the year. If you’re stumped on what to get, or it’s last minute and you’re panicking for those perfect party-making features, then The Stair Barrier is here to help. In this blog, we’ll show you everything you can do to help make that holiday party of yours the best one yet. From the basics to the unconventional, we’ll go over everything you can do to help make your holiday party the one that everyone remembers. So, without further delay, let’s go over what you need to throw the perfect holiday party.


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This might be one of those obvious ones, but everyone knows that food can makeor break a holiday party, especially on holidays, like Thanksgiving, that revolve around food. The holidays are the one time of the year where you should go all out on the food, making everything you wouldn’t normally make. We suggest making a nice mix of traditional and non-traditional foods for your holiday party. For instance, on Thanksgiving, make the traditional turkey and mashed potatoes, but also have non-traditional side dishes. And instead of cooking another turkey in December, try ham, lamb, or roast beef. Maybe even do something completely non-traditional, like homemade calzones, nachos, or hot dogs.

For a New Year’s Eve party, hors d'oeuvres make a perfect substitute for large meals, especially since everyone will want to stay up past midnight for the festivities. A large, heavy meal will make people sleepy, so having a plethora of finger foods, snacks, and side dishes will help everyone stay full throughout the night without overdoing it. Chips and dips, chicken wings, hummus and veggies, and crockpot meatballs are just a few suggestions for your New Year’s Eve party.


No matter what kind of party people are gathered at, there will always be time to play some kind of game with friends, family, and loved ones. Go the traditional route and have several decks of playing cards or board games ready. If your party is more geared toward the 21-and-up crowd, or you just have a few people that like to get a little wild, incorporate a few fun drinking games in your party. If you can go outside and play, set up a few yard games, like cornhole or washers. Just make sure you can play with a lot of people or the game cycles new players in quickly. Make sure you know your crowd before committing to games, or have a wide variety available so everyone can have fun playing something.

A Plan

We get it, the holidays are hectic as all get out. The best way to throw a legendary holiday party is to have somewhat of a plan. Give your guests a time they should arrive, which will give you a deadline to have everything ready or set up by. Get a general headcount a few days before the party starts so you’ll know how many people to expect. If you’re baking or making food, know what you want out of the oven first so you can get those done and served while the main courses finish cooking. Plan for games and play time, when people will open presents, or what you’ll be doing before the fireworks at midnight.

If kids or pets are going to be present at your party, be sure to take measures to put away anything that can be easily broken. You may also want to block off any areas where you might not want people or pets to go without you. One of the best ways to do this is to get a custom retractable stair gate from The Stair Barrier. Our safety gates are the perfect way to keep people, kids, and pets downstairs where they’re safe and won’t get into trouble. Get your custom stair gate from The Stair Barrier today.


No matter what kind of party you’re throwing, festive drinks are always a welcome addition to any and every holiday party. One of the biggest staples of the holidays is eggnog. You can make your own, have someone make/bring some, or just simply buy some from your local grocery store. Another great beverage for the colder months is hot chocolate, which you can also make yourself or simply buy from the store. Apple cider, hot tea, and horchata are some other non-alcoholic drinks that party goers can enjoy no matter what kind of party you’re throwing. For those who are over 21, make some festive cocktails and have some good wine and beer so everyone’s palate is covered. Just make sure everyone gets home responsibly and safely if they do drink, though.

From everyone here at The Stair Barrier, we hope you’ve found this blog to be helpful. Learn more about our customizable stair barriers, shop our entire collection, or contact The Stair Barrier today to answer any questions about our company or products.



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