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Family Visiting With Kids? Here's How You Can be Better Prepared

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on August 31 2017

Sometimes we get contacted by people who don't have small children living in the home, but they are concerned about child safety. They are usually grandparents or couples without young children who have family members with small kids coming to visit them. They are concerned about safety, since their home is not childproofed. To help ease their concerns, we came up with a list of some easy ways to make the house safer in just a few minutes.

Put Away Breakables

All fragile objects that are reachable should be put away. These include figurines, vases, and delicate antiques, which could get accidentally pushed off a shelf and shatter, and the pieces of glass could harm a child.

Lock Up Cleaning Chemicals

Most people keep all their cleaning chemicals in the cabinet under the kitchen sink – a location small children can easily reach. The best way to safeguard this area fast is with a zip-tie. Pull it around the handles of the cabinet as tight as you can so the doors can't be opened. When the guests leave, just use a pair of scissors to cut the zip-tie off.

Set Up Baby Gates

We offer a wide selection of custom baby gates that help prevent little ones from going upstairs and into areas of the house that aren't safeguarded. If your guests will be staying upstairs, it’s important to secure the top of the stairs with a baby gate that is mounted directly into the wood on either side of the steps. If the children will be visiting fairly frequently, we suggest that people purchase a retractable baby gate for stairs. It will hide away discreetly at the sides of the wall or railing until needed.

Tuck Away Cords

Strings and cords could get wrapped around a child's neck. You must tuck them away until the children leave. This should include the drawstrings to shades that are near couches or beds and electrical cords to all appliances.

Practice Pet Safety

Some pets, such as a tank full of goldfish, pose no safety issues to little ones. However, animals that have teeth and claws that aren't used to being around children might scratch or bite. It is best to put rabbits, cats, and hamsters in another room with the door closed until the children leave.

Remind Parents to Watch Their Children

The best way to keep kids safe is for their parents to keep an eye on them at all times. Remind the child’s parents that your house isn't childproofed and they should use more caution than they need to in their own homes.

A few simple steps will make your visit with your youngest guests enjoyable for everyone.



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