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How High Should Your Stair Gate Be?

Written by Chris Shipferling


Posted on December 06 2018

Your house is a veritable jungle gym for a toddler or baby. Alternatively, through a pooch’s perspective, your house is their hunting ground for stuffed toys and old shoes. No matter which way you see it, there are numerous dangers that present themselves to your precious children and pets.

When considering how to keep your toddler or dog safe, one of the first things to secure are the stairs. You want a sturdy, long-lasting stair gate that will protect your loved ones from the mundane dangers of your house. While selecting different stair gates, it is important to understand how high your stair gate can be.

With the Stair Barrier®, you can pick out a beautiful, flexible, linen barrier that will protect your dogs and children. Our 32-inch-tall barrier is tall enough to protect your little loved ones without being an eyesore at the same time. For more information, visit our website today.

Gate Heights for Pets

Pets are known for being as diverse in size and strength as they are in breeds. Whether you have an arthritic dachshund that drags its body around the floor like a mop or an agile cat that can do a 6-foot vertical, finding the right stair gate for your pet is difficult. One of the best things to consider is flexibility and practicality. While it may be more difficult to contain your Great Dane than your Pomeranian, sometimes you have to throw in the towel and settle for a metaphorical gate.

The goal is to prevent your pets from climbing or jumping over the gate. Some gates may be low as 20 inches, while others are up to 36 inches tall. There are also some pet gates that have extensions, so you can increase the height by another 32 inches. But at what point is your gate just another door? When does the simple gate become an impediment to home decor?

Just because your pet can easily jump a barrier, it doesn’t mean they always will. A little training can go a long way. Make sure your pet understands that it is not welcome past the barrier by enforcing strict rules and not being lenient when it flashes you puppy-dog eyes or whimpers.

Gate Heights for Children

It is good to encourage both agility and dexterity for children. Starting them off with an active lifestyle can give them a head-start in the rest of their childhood. Stairs can be an especially dangerous area for those just starting to walk. Stairs are also an enticing place for little children to go because it presents them with an opportunity to climb and see things from a vantage point.

To keep your children safe, the optimal height for baby gates on the stairs should be between 30 and 36 inches. Another important metric to consider when choosing baby gates is the bar spacing. If you are considering a baby gate that has bars on it, you want to make sure the width is small enough that a head or arm might not get stuck in it. There are few things more distressing or dangerous for a young, exploring child than getting stuck.

Another issue with many pet and child gates is their usability. Some have swinging doors with complex locking mechanisms that even most adults can’t unlock. Other stair gates don’t have doors at all and force their users to swing their legs over the top.

A Superior Stair Gate

While there are many options for protecting your loved ones from roaming every floor of your house, there are few options that compare to the Stair Barrier. With the Stair Barrier, its durable fabric barrier prevents any trapped hands. The lack of bars prevents the eyesore of gnawed on bars courtesy of your strong-jawed dog. The customizable fabric also stores easily into the side of your wall or banister.

The Stair Barrier also has reinforced plates within the fabric that ensures it stands up against the strength of your toddler or dachshund.

If you are looking to make an upgrade in your stair gate or want to protect your pets and children from the dangers of the stairs, purchase the Stair Barrier today. Keep the decor of your room while buying the optimal stair gate. Visit our website to learn more or to purchase the Stair Barrier today.



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