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How to Decorate Your Stairway

Written by Chris Shipferling


Posted on January 29 2019

Your home’s stairway is ultimately the gateway to another section of your home. If you or any of your guests want to visit another story in your home, chances are the only way to get there is by using your stairway — unless, of course, you are lucky enough to have multiple stairways in your home!

The most classic stairway decorating technique is to use the stairway’s wall as a gallery. This is the same technique your parents and your grandparents have used, and, frankly, it is becoming a little stale in many homes. Today, we are going to offer some refreshing tips and tricks to decorating the stairway that are sure to delight you, your family, and your guests.

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Decorating Your Stairway: Evaluate the Space!

Before we dive into specifics on how to decorate your stairway, it is important to pause and understand the space that you are working with. Depending on the angles, the length of the staircase, and the physical construction of the staircase, it may be more advantageous to adopt certain designs over others.

For example, let’s say that you have charming quarter turn stairs complete with a landing halfway through. This landing offers a ton of opportunities to display art, whether it be a larger designer mirror or a standing sculpture. Alternatively, if you have a spiral staircase, you may want to opt for some more compact decorations that can hang or attach to the banisters.

U shaped stairs, sometimes called switchback stairs, also offer incredible opportunities to showcase larger art pieces. Because these stairs face walls as you ascend or descend them, you and your guests can have a clear line of sight for any artwork you wish to showcase.

Be sure to evaluate what kind of staircase you have, and consider whether large art pieces or smaller decorations are better. Just remember, there is always a design and decoration solution for any staircase, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t find something immediately — just keep searching!

Choosing the Decorations for Your Stairway

There are many different ways that you can decorate your stairs that accommodate every budget. Today we are going to be focusing on some of the easiest and affordable ways to decorate your staircase. Like we said earlier, we won’t include the gallery wall design simply because it can be costly to procure that many paintings or photographs and it’s an overused design.

  1. Single pieces of art. As mentioned earlier, this idea is perfect for U shaped stairs or stairs that have landings. This is in part due to the clear line of sight on a specific wall. Once you identify where that wall is when people are ascending or descending your stairs, it’s time to pick an art piece or decoration. Some folks like to use flowers or a potted plant to add some color to an area. Pairing a potted plant with a mirror can provide a minimalist, elegant look to your stairway. Large woven baskets or sculptures also provide a three-dimensional effect that can turn any wall into a chic gallery wall. 
  2. Add molding or texture. If your stairway lacks any texture, whether from brick, wood, or paneling, adding molding to your stairway as a facade will add plenty of dimension and beauty. Adding molding to your staircase will draw attention towards the wall and add a nice symmetrical feel to your space. There are lots of different textures to use, so consider which one would work best for your home. 
  3. Actually decorate the stairs. There have been some incredible stair decorations that we have seen recently. Whether you are into the colorful and playful or the practical and elegant, decorating the actual stairs in your staircase can transform your home. One innovative design includes doing a color gradient of a specific color palate. For example, you start off with dark blue on the first stair and paint each stair a lighter shade of blue until the top stair is baby blue. Adding a Persian carpet insert for each stair is also an effective way to decorate the actual stairs. 
  4. Add decoration to the entryway or banisters. Many people neglect the possibility of decorating stair banisters or creating a small, decorative barrier at the entrance of the stairs. Adding what many consider a baby gate can bring a new dimension to your stairs. One of the best baby gates for stairs with banisters is a Stair Barrier. The Stair Barrier’s flexible, yet durable, linen gate is fully customizable and can be monogrammed to add a nice touch to your stairs with banisters. 

Decorating your stairs doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging. If you want to add a level of safety for babies, toddlers, or pets that may be exploring your beautiful home, be sure to purchase a Stair Barrier for your stairs with banisters. For more information, be sure to visit The Stair Barrier today.



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