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How To Prepare Your Home for a Baby

Written by Chris Shipferling


Posted on December 07 2018

Raising a child is a life-changing experience. If you are expecting a baby in your life soon, get ready for a new lifestyle. We’re talking dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and wrangling your little rugrat. One of the most important things to do if you are going to have a baby is to make your home safer. There are many tips and tricks to covering the most dangerous aspects of a home, but be sure to follow some of the most basic rules of baby-proofing a home.

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Baby-Proofing Basics

  1. In order to make the electrifying debut of your baby a little less shocking, consider using covers on all electrical outlets. Babies are very curious, and the entire world is new to them. Your home is no different. Placing plastic socket covers in all of your electrical outlets will prevent a baby from sticking his or her tiny fingers in the sockets. On a similar note, make sure your baby does not have access to electrical appliances, like toasters or hair dryers.
  2. Move your cleaning chemicals and medicine to cabinets where a baby could not reach them. Most households store a treasure trove of chemicals under both the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink. Make sure you either have child-proof locks on these cabinets or, simply move the cabinets to higher areas where the baby does not have access to. 
  3. Mind your windows. Leaving a window open in your home exposes many risks to your baby. Besides the chance of burglary, a baby can crawl out the window and take a dangerous tumble. To limit the chance of your baby injuring itself in a window, keep your windows closed. Alternatively, if you just need that cool breeze, install an expandable device that a child won’t be able to fit through. This allows for proper ventilation in your home while still keeping your baby — and your valuables — safe. 
  4. Water can pose a major threat to your baby. Make sure that if you are washing your baby, don’t let the water temperature run too hot. Newborn baby skin is extremely sensitive to temperature. In addition, babies don’t have the strength that children do. As a result, a baby can drown in a very little water. Whenever your baby is around water, keep a constant watch on them.

Baby Gates

One of the most important parts of making your home safe for your baby is to install a baby gate on the stairs of your home. By installing a gate, you are keeping your baby safe from tumbling down the stairs or falling from a height. Make sure you have a gate at both the top and bottom of the stairs. Keep your gates closed and locked.

Baby gates are doubly effective if your baby sleeps and plays on a different floor than your pets. Cats are known to sleep in warm places and can, sometimes, smother or bother your baby. Keep a close eye on your feline friends to prevent them from hurting your baby. For canine companions, every dog reacts differently to a new baby. Some dogs become increasingly defensive, or they do not tolerate the gentle antics of a baby or toddler. As a result, many small children are attacked or bit by a dog every year.

By having a baby gate on your stairs, you keep your baby safe from climbing heights while also protecting them from your pets. A flexible fabric stair gate is also more aesthetically pleasing than a gate with bars.

If you are making upgrades in your home to ensure a baby’s safety, make sure you choose a high-quality stair gate, like the Stair Barrier. The fabric stair gate will protect your baby from many dangers in the house while maintaining your beautiful interior design. The easy installation makes the Stair Barrier a perfect addition to your home no matter how busy you are. For more information, be sure to visit our website or blog today.



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