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Keep Allergens Away From Your Sleeping Areas

Written by Chris Smith


Posted on October 03 2016

Pets are a part of our family. We play with them; we cuddle them; we feed them food from our plate when no one is looking. While we treat our pets as members of our family, sometimes we wish there was a better way to keep them out of certain areas in our homes. It can be hard to remember to close every door in our home to keep our pets out. A simple solution for one of our most beloved pets is a dog gate for stairs in your home.

Even though we want our pets to feel as at home as we do, we don’t always want our pets in our upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms. With The Stair Barrier, we’ve created a customizable stair gate that can be used as a dog gate to keep your pet away from your sleeping areas when you’re not home, or at all times.

Setting boundaries in your home for your pets is not a bad idea. Keeping pets out of certain areas in the home can be very beneficial for family members who may have allergies and need the animal kept away from sleeping areas.

Not only can our pets cause allergen issues with their fur or hair, but our pets can also bring other allergens into the home after they’ve been outside. Using The Stair Barrier is the perfect solution to making sure that your animal is not spreading allergens into certain areas of your home, especially areas you sleep in.

With our our custom pet gates for stairs, you don’t have to worry about whether your pet will be getting into areas you don’t want them in. Shop our collection today to find the perfect pet gate for your home.



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