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New Year's Resolutions for your Home

Written by Chris Shipferling


Posted on January 02 2019

After you have cleaned up the remnants of your New Year’s Eve party, and after you come to the realization that the holiday season has come to a close, you may be thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. There are personal resolutions, like trying to exercise more, reading a book a month, or saving 10 percent of your income. Then, there are relationship resolutions like calling your parents more often, not being on your phone when you're with friends, or using more words of affirmation in personal relationships.

The most often neglected types of resolutions are the resolutions for your home. This type of resolution aims at improving your home and, in return, improving the life of you and the loved ones who live with you. The family behind The Stair Barrier believes that your home deserves to be a safe, inviting, and comfortable place, and purchasing a Stair Barrier is an effective way to keep your little ones safe this year. Here is a list of our favorite resolutions for your home in 2019!

  1. Clean the Kitchen. It's easy to want to linger awhile after enjoying a meal, but everyone knows that the longer the mess sits, the harder it is to clean. If you make a resolution to clean your kitchen immediately after using it, then you'll not only have clean counters and an empty sink - you'll have more time to relax and admire your handiwork!
  2. Replace your Home’s Air Filter. This is something that often gets overlooked, but changing your air filter is important, especially if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or you have pets. Many homeowners don’t know this, but it is advised that you change your home’s air filter between every 30-60 days. 
  3. Clean your Windows. You would be surprised by how much dirt, grime, and dust can accumulate on your windows, especially if you have dogs that love to bark while staring out the window. Making sure your windows are clean will help you keep a clean, inviting home that will be the envy of your neighbors. 
  4. Purchase a Stair Barrier. Whether you want to protect your baby or keep your dogs out of certain areas of the house, The Stair Barrier is here for you. You owe it yourself to protect your home's rugs and windows from your dogs, and you deserve the peace of mind knowing that your little one won’t get injured on the stairs. 

If you are ready to purchase a beautiful, fabric stair gate, visit our website today to learn about our sustainably made Stair Barriers. Support American businesses and manufacturers while making a resolution to protect your home and your loved ones — purchase a Stair Barrier today.



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