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Written by Chris Smith


Posted on October 10 2016

Finding a safety gate for your stairs can be tricky. Especially when you’re trying to find a stair barrier that fits your custom width staircase. Add in your desire to find a product that is also made in America and uses eco-friendly materials, and you’re almost out of luck. That is until The Stair Barrier came along and changed the approach to manufacturing stair safety gates.

With The Stair Barrier, our approach to making safety gates for stairs has come from a place of wanting to offer people American made products that are also made with environmentally friendly materials.

In our effort to be forward-thinking in providing parents with the best solution on the market, we discovered REPREVE. Now in addition to being American Made, we are able to offer many fabric options made with recycled fibers derived from plastic bottles. Each gate made with REPREVE yarn gives 34 recycled bottles a new purpose.

Our desire to make a better stair safety gate was born out of a desire to provide a more reliable stair guard for the safety of the children and pets in our home. It is also our desire to sustain the world in which we live for our growing children that we are caring for with our stair safety gates.

If you’ve been looking for a better solution to your stair guard needs that not only solves the problem of being able to customize your stair barrier to fit your staircase, but also supports the nation's economy and cares about the environment, then The Stair Barrier is for you. Shop our full selection of stair barriers online, now!



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