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The Perfect Baby Gate for Unique Staircases

Written by Chris Smith


Posted on August 12 2016

One of the greatest joys of being a homeowner is customizing your space to be uniquely yours. Nowadays there are so many beautiful design options available to express your unique taste and your family’s dynamic, especially for one of the very first things guests see when they enter your home: the staircase. But most baby safety gates provide only a standard design, without consideration for the non-standard design details you’ve hand selected. The Stair Barrier finally bridges that gap between your home’s unique style and your baby’s safety.

Traditional baby gates only work if there is a wall on both sides of the gate. The Stair Barrier comes in both Banister to Banister and Wall to Banister configurations, and it attaches to staircase banisters with fully adjustable straps. This enables The Stair Barrier to fit a variety of banister designs, whether they are voluted, angled, or square. Internal vertical struts and a layer of horizontal webbing will ensure a tight fit across the bottom of all staircases, ensuring no little feet or paws can slip underneath.

With a wide selection of fabrics from neutral colors to bold patterns, you can hand select a baby safety gate that will greet your guests and complement your home, whether it’s to match the wood finish on your stairs or contrast the color of the foyer walls. The customizable choices that The Stair Barrier has to offer redefines child gates as parents know them, making our fabric stair gates an integral part of your home decor, rather than an eyesore.

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(Photo Credit: The Magnolia Mamas)



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