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The Stair Barrier Name No. 1 Outdoor Safety Gate

Written by Janelle Fitzpatrick


Posted on March 31 2017

In a recent ranking of the top six outdoor safety gates available on Amazon, The Stair Barrier was named the number one option by EZVid Wiki. Compiled with 25 hours of research, this video wiki guide is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of baby product options available to consumers in the United States.

In their latest video, EZVid Wiki specifically calls The Stair Barrier one of the safest options for “curious children” because of its lack of bars and wiring, which children can stick their hands or legs through and get stuck in. The video assessment also highlights The Stair Barrier’s soft but tear-resistant fabric, its ability to roll up for “compact storage” and travel, as well as its easy setup.

The Stair Barrier offers two indoor/outdoor fabric options for Wall to Banister and Banister to Banister outdoor staircases. 



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