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The Stair Barrier's Eco-Friendly Safety Gates Give Plastic Bottles a Second Life

Written by Janelle Fitzpatrick


Posted on April 17 2017

When we set out to design a safety gate for children, we wanted to consider not only what kind of environment we are creating for them now, but also what kind of world we are leaving them in the future. We knew that in addition to handcrafting our safety gates in the US, there could be a way to produce a sustainable safety solution as well. We found our answer in Repreve.

Repreve’s recycled woven fibers are a high quality polyester chip derived from plastic bottles. Each of our Repreve safety gates give an estimated 34 plastic bottles a new purpose. Of all of our fabric choices, six of them are made with Repreve, giving you the option to make a sustainable choice for your family, your home, and our Earth.

Repreve uses a custom-designed filtration and recycling system to ensure the manufacture of a clean and pure chip. Their recycled fibers are used by leading brands such as Ford, Patagonia, Steelcase, and The North Face. In addition to textile applications, the Repreve chip can also be used in other products such as paint rollers, carpet tiles, car door panels, and more.

To shop our eco-friendly safety gates, look for the Repreve logo in the bottom left corner of the product photo. The Stair Barrier's six baby and pet gates woven with Repreve recycled fibers include: Basic Grey, Modern Grey, Heather Grey, Mocha, Khaki, and Indoor/Outdoor Onyx.



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