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The Unique Baby Gate Solution for a New Generation

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on December 28 2017

Baby safety products have dramatically improved over time. Today’s parents have video monitors, self-installing car seats, and heart rate & oxygen monitors. Unfortunately, until The Stair Barrier came along, baby gates hadn’t changed much. They continued to be difficult to install and an eye sore that parents took down as soon as possible. In fact, one study found that baby safety gate injuries are on the rise. Injuries occur commonly because gates are installed incorrectly.

With an increase in safety gate related injuries, infants and toddlers needed a new solution to keep them safe. The Stair Barrier was created to fill a much-needed void in the baby safety product industry. You can think of it as a unique solution for a new generation.

What Makes The Stair Barrier Different?

The Stair Barrier is a fabric safety gate that is designed for staircases with banisters. It is safe and attractive, which modern families love. If you take a walk around any baby store, you’ll notice that today’s products are streamlined and stylish. Parents love that our unique baby gate is simple and attractive, it even has the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center.

Here are a few more things that parents appreciate about The Stair Barrier.

  • Easy installation. Save your walls! For banister-to-banister installation, no drilling is needed. For banister-to-wall installation, only minimal drilling is required. Furthermore, you don’t need extension or mounting kits.
  • Portable. Today’s families are always on the go. Whether you’re visiting Grandma or having a playdate at a friend’s house, our banister-to-banister gate is lightweight and portable.
  • Sustainable materials. We want the world to be a better place for our children! That is why we use fabrics woven with Repreve, a material derived from recycled water bottles. We source our materials from US manufacturers to support American businesses and to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Customizable. Stairways are one of the most beautiful features in the home. No matter what type of banister you have—curved, square, or round—The Stair Barrier will fit it. Our gates are customizable up to 100 inches wide.
  • Attractive. You can still love your home and live with a toddler! Choose a color and pattern for your gate that complements your home.  When the kids are napping, the gate rolls neatly to the side.
  • American made. We are happy to offer parents an American-made solution. The Stair Barrier is proudly made in Cornelia, Georgia with materials sourced from American manufacturers, from the upholstery grade fabric to the plastic struts to the product labels.

Unlike most baby products on the market today, traditional baby gates haven’t changed much over the years. Today’s parents need a new solution for keeping kids and pets off the stairs and that’s The Stair Barrier. With many fabrics, colors, and patterns to choose from, you’ll surely find something you love for your home!



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