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Thoughtful Gifts for Expecting Parents

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on August 09 2018

If a close friend or family member has recently announced their pregnancy, then one thing that you can anticipate is an invitation to a baby shower. There are so many cliche’ gifts that you could purchase and bring, or sure you could browse their registry and find a few things that will be helpful for them. But, from one parent to another, you know that there are some things that expecting parents should just have ready for when the baby comes home.

In the case that you’re looking for a gift that will not only be unique to what others bring but will also be helpful for the parents, check out today’s blog post for a few of our favorite ideas.

Baby Food Maker

A product that people have found to be one of the most helpful gifts is one that saves them time and money — a baby food maker. Those little babies sure can eat a lot, and that can get expensive when you’re having to purchase food constantly. Aside from that, baby food is expensive when you’re looking for quality brands!

What’s better than being able to make your own food with fresh ingredients that you trust? Nothing. These little machines make it easy for you to process food and place it into your very own packaging. Now we’re not pro’s on this product, but we have heard it be one of the life-changing products that parents use.

Wipe Warmer

If there’s one thing that babies will always let mom know, it’s that they are not a fan of cold wipes. Though it may seem like an extravagant item to give to an expecting parent, they will definitely be taking advantage of it! These little wipe warmers make it easy for parents to prepare the wipes for when it’s time for a changing, and they’re much less likely to get a big fuss from their little one — at least, that’s what we hope!

Bottle Warmer

While we’re talking about warmers, let’s talk about a baby shower gift that’s been around for decades and still hasn’t lost its novelty: bottle warmers. Those middle of the night feedings get old, but when you’re prepared with a bottle of breastmilk, the only thing that you need is for the temperature to hit the spot right. Sure the microwave is an option, but that means finding bottles that are microwave friendly and watching the timer closely so as not to wake up the rest of the house.

Bottle warmers make warming up the midnight snack, easy! Aside from that, they do it in a safe and quiet way that lets the rest of the household go on with their sleep so that it’s not one commotion after the other.


Whether you choose to go all out by purchasing a bulk amount of diapers, or you pair a box of diapers with an additional gift, this is something that all expecting parents will be thankful for. Even after hundreds of diapers have been gifted, new parents could still use more. That first year of life is an eye-opening experience just wrapping your head around how many diapers a baby could possibly need. So get a few different types and sizes, and you can bet that you’ll have some grateful parents on the receiving end of this gift.


Baby Gate

Though it might not be the first thing these expecting parents need, it’s certainly something that they will use! Most parents don’t realize that they need a baby gate until their baby is crawling around the house or they’re trying to keep the pets from getting too close to the baby.

Beat them to the punch by giving them a gorgeous gate from The Stair Barrier. We have a huge selection to choose from, each of them just as unique as the next. Quality and style are a piece of every single barrier that we make so you can feel confident in the gift that you’re giving to your loved one. Browse our collection and place your order today!

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