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Tips and Tricks on How to Teach a Toddler to Climb Stairs

Written by Chevy Arnold


Posted on September 19 2017

We are always talking about the dangers of falling down the stairs, so it might come as a surprise to our customers when they hear that we suggest teaching toddlers how to walk up and down the stairs. Do not worry, we have a good reason behind it. Children that understand how to walk on stairs correctly have a reduced risk of falling. However, teaching them to walk on stairs has to be done cautiously; otherwise, they could end up getting hurt. To help get your toddler mobile on the stairs, here are a few tips and tricks on making the teaching process a little easier and safer.

Wait Until They are Old Enough

At about 12-months-old, children are able to begin maneuvering their way on the stairs by crawling. Instead of using their feet to climb, they put their knees on the steps. This is not as stable as walking due to the high chances of slipping and tumbling backwards. Therefore, it is usually suggested that parents wait until their toddler is able to walk unassisted on a flat surface before they teach them how to climb the stairs.

Start Out Slow

Do not expect your toddler to be able to climb an entire set of stairs in one day. He or she will need to practice on just two or three steps at first. If you have a couple of stairs in the front of your house that have railings, try using them for practice.

Try Some Stickers

If your toddler seems to be having a hard time understanding where to put his or her feet on the stairs, you can try making some stickers to help. Trace both of your child's feet onto several sheets of colorful paper. Then, cut all the footprints out. Tape them to the stairs in the direction that they should step. That way, they can have fun stepping on all of the stickers.

Practice Makes Perfect

Have your toddler practice climbing about two or three stairs every day to become familiar with it. After they seem to be doing a little better, teach them to hold on to the railing while they climb four or five stairs. You might have to hold their hand at first. Try singing a song while you walk, so they find climbing the stairs the right way to be a positive experience each time.

Head to the Top

Once climbing a small set of stairs has been accomplished, feel free to take your little one all the way to the top of a longer set of stairs. With that being said, always stay by their side and talk to them about using the proper posture while they walk. For example, children that lean backwards too much could end up tumbling, so gently suggest that they lean forward a little while they step. Remember, keep your custom baby gates in place while they are still in the learning process.



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