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Go Ahead, Take that Trip! A Packing List for Traveling With a Toddler

Written by Janelle Fitzpatrick


Posted on May 23 2017

Don't let the idea of traveling with a young toddler and all the necessary preparations discourage you from making a trip! We put together this list of essentials to help keep your little one safe and entertained so that the whole family can enjoy smooth travels together.  

Favorite Lovey

DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT. Most of the items on our list can be purchased on the road, your child's Lovey cannot. Whether it’s a teddy bear or a blanket, their favorite companion can help you to avoid meltdowns at night and provide a sense of well-being and security on the road as your little one is exposed to new environments.

Bag of Tricks

Pack a backpack full of a variety of your child’s favorite toys and activities. Stop by the .99 Store to pick up new items to surprise them with. When your little one shows signs of needing some stimulation, give them one item from the backpack at a time, allowing them to play with it until they’re no longer interested before giving them something else.

Baby-proofing Items

Plan ahead and you'll be able to enjoy some hands-free time rather than trailing your little one every waking minute. Take outlet covers with you for the rooms where your little one will spend the majority of his time. You should also find out before you arrive if there will be a staircase to secure. Stairs are the most dangerous place in the home for children so it's important to be prepared. There's no reason to rely on cushions and chairs to block a staircase when you can take your safety gate with you. The Stair Barrier's banister to banister gates are compact and easy to pack in a suitcase or car trunk.

Spillproof Snacks

Hungry children are cranky children, and there may be stretches of highway without a rest stop or restaurant for miles. Pack plenty of your child’s favorite, travel-friendly snacks. Dried fruit, rice cakes, and O-shaped cereal tend to travel well. Bring spill-proof sippy cups for juice to minimize mess and refill as needed.

Baby Wipes

No matter how prepared you are, some level of mess is inevitable. Be armed and ready with a fresh pack (or two) of baby wipes for sticky fingers and spills, or just to sanitize little hands that have been exploring at every stop along your journey.

Keep a Change of Clothes Accessible

As we said before, some level of mess is inevitable and sometimes the mess requires a change of clothes for you and your little one. Pack a change of clothes for both of you in your carry-on if you're traveling by plane or in a small bag in your car. If you need to change, you'll be glad you don't need to unpack your trunk or wait until you land.

Enjoy your trip!



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