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Why Our Retailer Partners Choose The Stair Barrier

Written by Jon White


Posted on August 19 2016

What started as an idea and a single version in our own home, quickly grew into so much more. Our safety gates for stairs have become a bit of a sensation, solving a problem that many families have faced while raising small children. In the past, finding a stylish and effective safety gate for stairs with banisters was virtually impossible. Not anymore. 

We greatly appreciate the support we've received from our online retailers, from Amazon to Wayfair to Babies R Us to Zulily and more. How quickly these large retailers added our bottom of the stairs gates to their selection surprised us, but not their reason for wanting to. Here's why:


The number one reason that many different retailers now offer our product is because they believe in its quality and reliability as much as we do. Made from strong, high quality materials, The Stair Barrier keeps both children and dogs off the stairs safely and stylishly.

Ease of Use

One of the added benefits to The Stair Barrier is that you do not need to play the gate jumping game. It’s a product that is easy to use and simply rolls to the side when it’s not in use. The buckles attaching The Stair Barrier to a banister are easy for an adult to operate but not easy for children.


We have several partners that have chosen to support The Stair Barrier because of our focus on being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our partners, GreenCupboards and EcoMom, chose our products because many of our fabrics are woven with Repreve recycled plastics. Each of our safety gates featuring Repreve give 34 recycled plastic bottles a new purpose.

Our partners trust The Stair Barrier for these reasons and many more. Order online today, with us or one of our partners, and experience for yourself why The Stair Barrier is the perfect stair gate solution for your home!



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