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Why Retractable Stair Gates are the Unbeatable Childproofing Tool

Written by Karie Reynolds


Posted on June 22 2017

Parents with children under the age of five have their hands full when it comes to keeping their little ones safe. Very few places are designed to be childproof, so almost every moment of the day has to be spent keeping a watchful eye over children to ensure that they do not get hurt. While there is not much that can be done to the outside world, parents can control how safe their home environment is. One way to do this is with retractable stair gates from The Stair Barrier.

Concealed Safety Option

Most baby gates for staircases are not efficient simply because they never get used. Frustrated parents often end up putting them away in the closet after a short time because they trip over them so much. However, this isn't the case with retractable baby gates. They tuck away neatly at the side of the staircase when they’re not use. Then, when you need them, all you have to do is pull them across the staircase. They latch easily and secure tightly to the other side of the staircase, making it quick and painless to keep children off staircases.

Great for Odd Spaces

Since not every house is identical, there is not a one-size-fits-all gate solution. Odd angles and twists and turns can make it difficult to tell if a gate will fit on a staircase until it is installed. A retractable stair gate with flexibility to be used on different banister shapes and sizes and various staircase widths is a great option for unique staircases. Retractable gates that do not require two flat surfaces for installation can often be the only solution for staircases that require mounting a gate on an angle.

Perfect for Visits

Parents aren't the only ones who can use a retractable stair gate as a child proofing tool. Grandparents, who are generally reluctant to baby-proof their homes, will appreciate having one too. When grandchildren come to visit, banister to banister gates can be put in place in minutes and wall to banister gates can simply be unrolled and attached to banisters to secure staircases.  Since these baby gates are offered in 13 fabric options, it’s easy to find one that blends seamlessly with a home’s interior design.

Sturdy Design

Although the retractable baby gates may look sleek and thin, they are incredible sturdy. Constructed with upholstery grade fabric and reinforced internally with vertical struts and horizontal mesh, these gates stay in place no matter how hard a child tries to get through it. The solid design means that kids can’t get fingers stuck in openings, they do not have bars to climb, and when they can’t see the stairs, they lose interest.



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