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The Stair Barrier x Callie Dauler Collaboration

In 2021, Callie discovered The Stair Barrier, and fell in love with our better option for wrangling her dogs and soon-to-be toddler. Shortly after becoming a paying customer, Callie approached our founder Janelle through a mutual friend and entrepreneur, Tiffany Krumins, about collaborating. 

To Janelle, it made perfect sense.  Callie was THE customer who loved the product for all the reasons Janelle invented the product to begin with.  But more importantly, Callie is a Rock Star Mom and Entrepreneur with amazing energy, and endearing passion for life, family, work and her purpose for leaving the world a better place.  


Learn more about Callie and her family at About - Callie & Jeff Dauler (callieandjeff.com).  Follow her and Jeff on Instagram at @calliedauler and @jeffdauler and listen to their podcast, The Upside with Callie & Jeff.  

Callie & Jeff's show is a real and honest take on day-to-day life; always finding humor in the silly and serious things going on and always finding the UPSIDE in every situation. They promote practicing gratitude as a way of life, will make you laugh every single day, and consider every person who listens part of their family.

We are grateful to have Callie as part of our family and excited to share the brand new Callie Collection with you.