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Constructed With Sustainable Fabrics

Our mission is to deliver beautiful products that keep our children safe now and the environment safe for generations to come. We are proud to offer sustainable fabric options from REPREVE™ and Crypton®

Repreve Recycled Woven Fabric
REPREVE™'s process has recycled over 25 billion water bottles, conserves water and energy, and emits fewer greenhouse gases than virgin fiber and REPREVE ™ fibers are embedded with properties like water repelling to improve durability.  Each Stair Barrier in a REPREVE-based fabric keeps 33 plastic water bottles out of landfills. 


Our eco-friendly Crypton® Home Fabrics are engineered for durability. These sustainable fabrics resist stains, repel water, prevent odors, and inhibit the growth of bacteria without sacrificing aesthetics or breathability.  Crypton® Home Fabrics are the only fabrics approved by the EPA to be disinfected.