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Installation Videos

Our Banister to Banister gates install in minutes without tools. In the video below, you will see how easy it is to install our baby gate to your banisters by simply clipping them in place and pulling the polypropylene webbing snug.


Our Wall to Banister stair gates requires minimal drilling on the wall side of your staircase. The video below explains where to position the wall side brackets and how to install our Wall to Banister gate.



Q. What tools are required to install a Stair Barrier?

A. Banister to Banister Stair Barriers do not require tools or drilling for installation. Wall to Banister gates require the following tools: hammer, screw driver, stud finder and a level.

Q. Do I need to purchase additional installation kits for the Wall to Banister gate?

A. No. The installation kit is included with the gate and includes the following: 8 screws, 8 anchors, 2 spacers (spacers are used if you have molding on the bottom of the wall side), 2 brackets and a rod. The brackets and rod are made of steel and are black.